Emotional eating and cognitive restraint mediate the association between sleep quality and BMI in young adults

This cross-sectional study was designed to investigate whether diet quality and eating behaviors could mediate the association between sleep quality and body mass index (BMI) in young adults. For all participants (n = 925; aged 21.4 ± 2.5 years; 77.8% women) we evaluated: BMI, sleep quality, diet quality, and eating behavior dimensions (emotional eating, cognitive restraint, and uncontrolled eating).

Source-Specific Information on Social Cognition: A Matter of Context or Concept?

This work tackles the measurement invariance of the social cognition construct when different observers, age and participant’s age are considered. This is a prior question that needs to be answered before attributing discrepancies in information coming from diverse sources just to the varying behavior occurring across setting, and mainly interpret the discrepancies as indicative of cross-contextual variability