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Neurovascular Neuropsychology, Second Edition

Springer has published the book Neurovascular Neuropsychology, edited by Ronald M. Lazar, MaryKay A. Pavol and Jeffrey N. Browndyke.

This book covers the explosion of new information about the relationship between the brain and its blood supply since the first edition was published in 2009.  With new knowledge and its impact on clinical care, neurovascular neuropsychology has become a recognized sub-specialty that has been integrated into health care systems in the US and abroad.  The second edition brings to this larger audience the latest word on these matters, with new emphasis on women’s issues, relevance to the pediatric population, insights from modern imaging, and advances in medical and surgical treatments such as heart transplantation, cardiovascular transarterial therapies, and noninvasive brain stimulation in connection with neurocognitive outcomes. 

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