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Clinical Cultural Neuroscience: An Integrative Approach to Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology

The Oxford University Press publishes the book Clinical Cultural Neuroscience: An Integrative Approach to Cross-Cultural Neuropsychologyedited by Otto Pedraza, Clinical neuropsychologist and Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic in Florida.

Introduction to Clinical Cultural Neuroscience aims to provide clinicians and researchers with an overview of contemporary topics relevant to the study of culture in psychology and neuroscience. While comprehensive volumes dedicated to cultural or cross-cultural psychology, cultural neuropsychology, and cultural neuroscience are readily available, the accumulated theoretical and empirical findings remain relatively sequestered within each of those academic subspecialties. In recent decades, cultural neuroscientists have steadily advanced our knowledge of the neuroanatomic correlates and genomic underpinnings of culture-neurobiology interactions, while recognizing that much about these interactions remains elusive. Cultural and cross-cultural psychologists have refined their assessment instruments, while clinical neuropsychologists have expanded the range of normative reference cohorts necessary for the valid evaluation of cognitive abilities within and across cultures. With the designation clinical cultural neuroscience, the current volume intends to provide the reader with a translational thematic framework that brings together topics of shared interest for clinicians and researchers alike. 

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